The Company

Arke is an independent micro SME providing: options analysis, optimisation and project support. We support a wide range of programmes from ‘quick look’ research studies to high profile, multi-billion-pound programmes.  Our independence enables us to present a total programme picture whilst protecting commercial interests.

The People

Understanding and solving complex problems requires a technical background and unconstrained thinking. Building upon systems engineering principles, our people use their diverse skills, knowledge, and experience in business, engineering, science, and mathematics to explore the wider impact of change.

Our Support

Arke provides options optimisation and evidence-based decision making. This extends to cost and benefit analysis, business case and investment appraisal support, exploitation support and operational research underpinned by data analysis.

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Where We Provide It

Arke routinely provides support to the Ministry of Defence, Industry and the Home Office, among others.  Our expertise is used to support the assessment of complex projects and programmes such as platform and system procurements, change management initiatives and alternative commercial/contracting models.

Some of our people

Neil Lukins

Analyst, model developer, Excel wizard…

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Andrew Hodges

Mathematician, cost-benefit guru, model developer, estimator, project manager, stats geek…

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Andy Mills

Estimator, model & software developer, project manager, computer geek…

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Paul Jones

Estimator, production engineer, business leader, project manager, the god father…

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