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Success is converting ideas to things.

For any research concept to succeed a compelling case for its exploitation must be made.

Soldiers Patrolling in Afghanistan

Utilising our in-house modelling toolset Arke’s estimating team can support pre-concept and research activities by developing exploitation cost estimates.

This approach can be applied both for industry and MOD to immature, novel and complex technologies in the research phase. Our approach is rapid but comprehensive enough to allow MOD to understand the cost implications of exploiting research through-life. For industry the process provides a cost effective means of communicating the cost advantages of their research products.

Using this approach Arke has developed an enviable track record in increasing successful research exploitation rates for both its MOD and industry customers.

Solutioneering can lead to failure.

A successful concept phase must deliver an understanding of the options, costs, timelines and risks.


Arke can support you in understanding the cost and effectiveness implications of your concepts by providing a comprehensive cost engineering service covering:

  • Combined Operational Effectiveness Investment Appraisal (COEIA);
  • Concept whole life cost estimating using three point estimating techniques;
  • Exploitation planning and road mapping;
  • Early risk assessment;
  • Investment appraisal;
  • Initial Gate business case support including procurement and support options;
  • Bespoke model development;
  • Benefits identification, profiling and mapping.

Arke has mature processes and models to support concept phase challenges all of which can be brought to bear in support of a successful initial gate business case.

Making the case.

A maturing solution together with a robust business case is key to offering a winning product.

Image © BAE Systems

Support to the assessment phase is a key Arke competence. The planning, estimating and communicating of costs across a diverse and complex project structure can include:

  • Cost and schedule risk analysis;
  • Option down selection support including COEIA analysis;
  • Investment appraisal;
  • Affordability analysis;
  • Industry bid support;
  • Tender pack development;
  • Main Gate business case support;
  • Detailed cost estimating;
  • Programme planning;
  • Support planning;
  • Earned Value Management (EVM);
  • Benefits realisation strategies.

Arke has demonstrated our range of competences in a number of recent large scale UK defence projects, notably Type 26 Global Combat Ship.

Bringing it all together.

Effective programme management is key to designing a performance based integrated product solution.

Cougar 12 Task Force Group in the Mediterrean Sea

Implicit in the Demonstration Phase is the need for effective control of costs, risks and the programme particularly where there are a large number of participants. Building on our expertise in developing programmes as part of the Main Gate Business Case, the Arke team can provide:

  • EVM monitoring and reporting against plan;
  • On-going risk management and reporting;
  • Consolidation management of overall programme tasks and milestones;
  • Tender assessment support;
  • Through-life management planning;
  • Budgetary management support;
  • Support strategy development.

Drawing on Arke’s experience gained from supporting a diverse range of projects we provide ‘early warning’ through structured and regular reporting. As an independent organisation, Arke removes the potential for cost surprise and delivers effective management control.


How much and when can I have it?

Arke have experience aiding MOD when building a value for money product within time and cost constraints.

Interior of Foxhound Light Protected Patrol Vehicle in Afghanistan

Understanding the nature of industrial manufacturing processes is a key Arke competence. Where price is dependent upon programme schedule Arke can provide an independent enterprise assessment thereby exposing key price triggers within the programme. Arke also maintains an active knowledge of new and novel manufacturing methods including transfer of processes for other industry ‘best practice’. This experience can be used to challenge convention and to guide procurement participants in developing a cost effective manufacturing and pricing approach.

Unit Production Costs developed by Arke are always founded on robust and realistic manufacturing techniques coupled with performance specifications. Final assembly and test strategy is also implicit in the approach. This competence has been exploited on almost every programme that Arke has supported.

Time changes everything.

Understanding the effects of change through time must be engineered into any product solution.

In service support costs are a significant cost driver. Arke has supported MOD and industry in both the development and change management of in-service support arrangements and their attendant costs covering:

  • Contracting for Availability;
  • Contract change or renegotiation;
  • Obsolescence planning;
  • Mid-life updates;
  • Capability upgrades;
  • Pan service support optimisation;
  • Personnel training and manpower optimisation;
  • Infrastructure management;
  • End of Life Extension;
  • Mid Life Disposal planning.

Arke has supported both MOD and industry in understanding their key in-service challenges. A current relevant example is Arke’s support to the MOD Type 23 Class Frigate Power Generation and Machinery Control System Upgrade (PMGU).

A threat or opportunity.

What do you do? Reclaim, Recycle, Reuse?

At the outset of all projects, the need to consider the end of life implications are a mandatory requirement, from the disposal of a 7.62mm round to a whole warship, the implication of legislation and the potential opportunities afforded by disposal need to be understood and quantified. Arke understand the military equipment disposal industry and can therefore assist in:

  • Identifying opportunities for re-use of equipment or assets;
  • Valuing the material content of the asset;
  • Advise on the cost of alternative disposal methods;
  • Valuing assets for re-sale.

Arke can provide advice on sustainable procurement and disposal consequence right from the beginning of the Project Lifecycle.