Cost Engineering

Arke provides whole life cost estimating & analysis using various techniques (near neighbour comparator, bottom up, trends, parametric, reliability data), that:

  • Are System of Systems based – where boundaries of cost are unclear or complex
  • Cover Whole Life and across Lines of Development (LOD) – where a complete enterprise-level cost picture is required
  • Encompass uncertainty and risk – to inform future planning and decision making

Model & Toolset Development

Arke has developed a range of bespoke applications and reusable modular models. Examples include:

  • Systems engineering cost models
  • Cost benefit analysis tools
  • Software cost estimation models
  • Statistical simulation methods and tools
  • Reliability and maintenance models

Arke’s analytical products are designed to be transparent, auditable and usable, to a level of complexity that meet the needs of the client.

Think Tank

With an appetite for strategic thinking and a data analytics emphasis, Arke’s STEM rooted professional experience provides evidence-based advice on a range of innovative and disruptive concepts, policies, and business challenges. Examples include:

  • Futures analysis
  • Portfolio level innovations
  • Risk ownership
  • Exportability by design
  • Freedom of action
  • Coherence in research programmes sustainability

Benefits Analysis

To ensure that programmes are outcomes focussed and benefits driven, future capability investment within government must deliver tangible and measurable benefit.

Arke’s MSP® qualified and experienced staff are ideally placed to support the development of benefits mapping, quantification, and analysis processes. Our pragmatic approach to benefits analysis has enabled clients to rationalise the complexities of competing options and generate decisions based on clarity, ‘buy in’ and clear ownership

Cost Effectiveness

To support Balance of Investment and strategic decision making, Arke provides Investment Appraisal, Cost Effectiveness and COEIA Analysis.

This analysis is provided using a visual, agile, auditable approach and is supported by techniques such as MSP® Benefits Mapping and Real Options Analysis.

Arke’s approach has been used to provide insights into aspects such as:

  • Technical and commercial approaches
  • Risk ownership
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issues
  • Governance strategies

Business Cases

Arke’s approach to Business Case support provides stakeholders with confidence in the delivery of high value and/or highly complex interrelating projects, programmes and portfolios.

Support is provided on a pragmatic and transparent basis enabling risk owners to understand and take full ownership of key assumptions and outputs.

Business Case support covers the full scope of the HM Treasury Five Case Model, with Arke’s support informing the strategic, economic, commercial, financial and management case.

Informing Policy

Arke undertakes evidence-based policy impact analyses to inform future policy changes and standards development.

This can typically include aspects such as:

  • The adoption of industry wide standards
  • The retention of critical skills
  • The streamlining of acquisition and support processes
  • The adoption of progressive commercial approaches
  • Risk ownership
  • Governance strategies

Research Exploitation

Taking a holistic view of exploitation barriers, Arke has developed techniques and tools to improve pull through of disruptive and innovative concepts.

Arke support provides an assessment of risks and opportunities which are used to inform road maps and exploitation strategies, using techniques such as:

  • Technology Road Mapping
  • Futures Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Achievability Assessment
  • Wargaming