The survivability of people and assets is a balancing act between cost and risk requiring comprehensive evidence-based analysis.

Arke has undertaken a number of Survivability Cost Effectiveness modelling studies in the land, air and maritime domains.  These have considered a range of approaches to delivering platform and system survivability in various threat scenarios, including:

  • Self Protection
  • Situational Awareness
  • Signature Control
  • Command and Control
  • Decoys and Jammers
  • Vulnerability Improvements
  • Recoverability Improvements

Arke’s analysis typically considers the direct cost impact of equipment, the wider impact to aspects such as manpower or training and the risk impact; to the platform, to any personnel that could be involved and the overall mission success.

Where there is a large number of assets to be protected, there is the scope to deliver greater flexibility and lower cost Defensive Aids Suites (DAS) through the adoption of a modular and open approach.  In turn, this needs to be reflected in a procurement strategy that allows for this flexibility and protects the UK’s sovereign capability to provide survivability enhancing equipment.