The Dynamic Effectiveness and Cost Integrated Decision Environment (DECIDE) is a proof-of-concept tool which has been developed by Arke to provide rapid Combined Operational Effectiveness and Investment Appraisal (COEIA) analysis within a complex decision space.

Developed as a bespoke, excel-based tool during recent and current MOD capability and acquisition projects, DECIDE allows the customer to quickly rationalise the cost and effectiveness merits of multiple potential projects. Given a fully documented analysis base, DECIDE is designed to be used in real-time to present Value for Money, COEIA and Affordability analysis within a workshop or briefing environment, including dynamic ‘what-if’ analysis and simple graphical outputs to inform a range of strategic, procurement or capability-based decisions.

To achieve this, the DECIDE tool provides:

  • Fully auditable data input and storage allowing comparison with legacy projects;
  • Novel uncertainty modelling utilising a Monte-Carlo based statistical distribution builder;
  • Integrated option generation using multiple cost-benefit metrics;
  • Intuitive graphics for cost-benefit ratios and sensitivity analysis;
  • Yearly and cumulative affordability analysis against custom budgetary boundaries and time frames.

Arke staff presented the rapid COEIA process encompassed within DECIDE at the International Symposium for Military Operational Research (ISMOR) 2013.