Chris Warfield
Estimator, Systems engineer, project manager, risk manager, pragmatist…

Chris has operated in all areas of the Cost Management discipline within both MoD and industry since 1997.

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Andrew Hodges
Mathematician, cost-benefit guru, model developer, estimator, project manager, stats geek…

Andrew’s statistical and modelling background allows him to support our customers in simplifying and rationalising their complex decisions.

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Sophie Hayward
Administrator, organiser, deadline keeper, key stone of the company…

Sophie is Arke’s part-time Business Administrator and is in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Neil Lukins
Analyst, model developer, Excel wizard…

Neil is a highly skilled analyst who brings know how to turn large amounts of data into meaningful outputs

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Grace Lewis
Academic, data whizz, analyst and science lover...

Years of analytical research in various scientific disciplines provide Grace with extensive experience of critically analysing data in an efficient and effective manner.

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Andy Mills
Estimator, model & software developer, project manager, computer geek…

Andy is a highly skilled practitioner in Whole Life Cost Modelling, Cost Model Development, Investment Appraisal and Cost Estimating.

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Stuart Cole
Estimator, software engineer, project manager, coding master…

Stuart previously worked in the defence sector developing of simulation software for submarine combat systems

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Jess Green
Estimator, project manager, naval architect, cost engineer, genius…

Jess’s background as a Naval Architect allows her to bring an engineering approach to cost management.

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Paul Jones
Estimator, production engineer, business leader, project manager, the god father…

A recognised authority on Whole Life Cost modelling and cost estimating, Paul has been applying cost estimating expertise within MoD and industry since 1979.

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