Adoption of both conventional and novel weapons can be complex and costly requiring early analysis of all potential benefits and costs.

The Defence Weapons portfolio delivers a wide variety of capabilities for point-to-point attack, area suppression and platform survivability, as examples. These are achieved via a range of weapon systems delivering both conventional and novel effects, including guns, artillery, complex guided missiles and energy weapons.

Arke presents evidence to support exploitation considering the system of systems in which weapon capability will be delivered.  Utilising experience in analysing both capability and business impacts, Arke can develop a comprehensive understanding of the likely financial and operational impacts of future weapon systems.

This has been demonstrated in:

  • Support for a range of maritime and land-based complex missiles and platform-based weapon systems
  • Arke forming an integral part of numerous joint Industry-MoD research and development projects, providing evidence-based analysis of weapon concepts exploitation against future operational needs
  • Developing innovative analysis techniques to articulate the wider impact of novel and disruptive weapon systems and technologies
  • Supporting a Government-Industry weapons research partnership where Arke input has been sought to examine the value of research output to the end user and provide evidence to support investment decisions