To ensure the best procurement decisions are made on a solid evidence base, Platform and System programmes require comprehensive and clear Whole Life Cost (WLC) picture.

Often this requires the management and transfer of commercially sensitive information. Further, decisions need to consider the wider implementation impact (manpower, training, infrastructure, capability etc.) as well as the direct scope of the procurement.

Arke, through consideration of the impact of a procurement decision on the whole life of the project, has provided independent and impartial advice to a wide range of high and lower value procurement programmes. Critical advice on procurement options and strategy is provided through:

  • Analysis and assessment of potential technical approaches to the provision of capability (e.g. life extension, new procurement, conversion, equipment mixes) alongside commercial decisions (e.g. Off the Shelf versus bespoke, batch buying, contracting for availability, contracting for a service etc.)
  • Consideration of the wider impacts alternative approaches would have on aspects such as sustainability, flexibility, interoperability
  • Examination of likely industry behaviour to shape potential commercial contracting and management strategies

A key aspect to this support is assistance to the scrutiny process.  A full audit trail to underpinning evidence is essential, increasing the confidence in any decision of both the procurement authority and supply chain.