Arke present at ISMOR 2017

For the second year running Arke has presented at the Internal Symposium on Military Operational Research (ISMOR). ISMOR is the world leading conference for operational research within defence, and is attended by international delegates. This year, Arke presented on a specific challenge facing Defence analysis: if the I.T. world is using vast amounts of data to make analysis and analytics good value – where does Defence get its data from, and can it?

Apple and Google can use data collection and the growing field of analytics readily. Millions of users are using internet connected devices at all hours of the day, allowing vast amounts of position, activity and other data to be collected for analysis. Further – the data will not always have a purpose. It will be collected because it might prove useful.

In Government, this a problem because someone has to justify paying for it. For Defence, things are different to Apple and Google: military users on military-internet devices are usually only doing the jobs they trained for (i.e. activity we want data on) in the positions they would usually do them when in conflict. Our presentation covered the potential scale of this problem, how it may close the door for defence analysts on new powerful techniques, and some first thoughts on what could be done to make the case for more spending on data collection.

Arke’s slides can be found here. Our slides from 2016 can be found here, when we talked about the challenges associated with unmanned air systems (UAS or drones) and designing their software. Slides from our previous talks in 2013 and 2014 can be found within the historical archives section of the ISMOR website.

Posted on 11th August 2017

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